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tv   CNN Newsroom With John Berman and Poppy Harlow  CNN  October 9, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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when heartburn hits fight back fast with tums chewy bites. fast relief in every bite. crunchy outside. chewy inside. tum tum tum tum tums chewy bites. good monday morning, glad you are with us. i'm poppy harlow in new york. john has the day off. a blistering back and forth with a high-profile republican lawmaker. senator bob corker. the republican chair of the senate foreign relations committee is his target and corker is not holding back, telling the new york times that the president is treating his office like a reality show and
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the president's threats against other countries could put the u.s. on the path to world war ii. it is a stunning public spat escalating after the president went after corker on sunday on twitter. write tag corker only decided not to seek re-election after the president refused to endorse him. and corker responded that the white house has been an adult day care center and corker's spokesperson tells cnn the president's claims that they were not going to endorse corker, they are not true. they say the president urged corker to run again and offered his endorsement. and a list of immigration priorities to strike a deal with d.r.e.a.m.ers. and topping that list, funding for a border wall on the southern border and a crack down on sanctuary cities. but to the public spat between two republicans. joe jones is at the white house with more on this feud. joe? >> reporter: poppy, it is
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extraordinary, a prominent senator from the president's own party, the chairman of the senate foreign relations committee, no doubt, shortly after announcing he will not seek re-election, seemingly taking off the gloves in this public spat with the president of the united states. the quotes in that new york times interview, some of them just extraordinary. you read the headline where he said the president could put the u.s. on the path to world war ii. but here are a few others. he concerns me. he would have to concern anyone who cares about our nation. he said i know for a fact that every single day at the white house, it is a situation of trying to contain him and calling the president saying he treats the white house like a reality show. the significance of this of course is that you have senator leaving capitol hill who has
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been a very close ally of the president, some say he's talked to the president more than any other united states senator. now going after the president on some of the very same issue that people on capitol hill concern themself the most about this administration. the notion that the president spouts off on twitter, causes problems with allies and creates real concerns overseas in foreign relations an foreign affairs. and this is a very big deal, poppy, a very big deal. >> joe johnson at the white house. thank you very much. we'll get to more of that with our panel. but meantime, there are new signs that the deal or an attempted deal to protect hundreds of thousands of so calls d.r.e.a.m.ers in this country could derail. democratic leaders firing back at this wish list, this priority list on immigration from the white house saying their demands fail to, quote, represent any
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attempt at compromise. we are on the hill with more. chuck schumer and nancy pelosi, were in the room about a month ago, right, saying that they could come up with compromises with the president and deals and they are saying no go looking at the list from the white house. >> that is right, poppy. it is only a month ago where you heard that openness and optimism coming from democratic leaders that they would be able to get a deal with president trump extend daca protection in exchange for tougher border security, but all of that seems certainly in limbo this morning because the white house has put out now this long list of legislative priorities that does read like a laundry list of get tough immigration policies which are many nonstarters with democrats up here on capitol hill, including funding and constructing a border wall and cranking down on sanctuary city and cracking down on oun accompanied miners
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enterering into the u.s. among in other items. as a deal breaker for many democrats and we've seen that reflected in the response, chuck schumer and nancy pelosi coming out with a statement overnight reading in part, quote, we told the president at our meeting that we were open to responsible border security measures this but proposal fails to represent any attempt at compromise and the wall was ruled out of the negotiations. if he was serious. >> his staff has not made a good faith effort to do so. now this list by the white house and certainly administration officials last night reflukted in a conference call with reporters that as of now there is no veto threat on the table for any specific part of this list. but of course it could be read as potentially a starting point for negotiations but certainly a very firm and aggress starting point and we believe that this is made many democrats at least
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initially back farther away from the negotiating table. poppy. >> indeed. and there is a time line on this. it matters for huchbndreds of thousands of d.r.e.a.m.ers in the country. thank you. joining me to discuss the headlines this monday, erin lewis and eugene scott. gentlemen, nice to have you. matt lewis, to you first, senator corker made clear he is not just speaking for himself. his words , the vast majority o our caucus, who quote, understand what we are dealing with here. is this sort of a bit bitter republican lawmaker on his way out? or is this a pivotal moment for the party and someone who is speaking for more than just himself. >> i think he is liberated to be frank so i don't know if he would be as honest, and it wouldn't be if he was running
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for re-election. but bob corker is saying what most republican senators actually believe, a lot of them actually believe. and so this is a calculation republicans have had to make all along, does donald trump create more opportunities or more problems. and there was always the hope that you could repeal obamacare, do tax reform, put up with donald trump, placate him, get some of the things you want, but it looking more and more like that was a pipe dream, like it is a net negative if you are a republican. >> and shum ser calling out democrats, not his republican colleagues. err errol, he said he has in several instances according to corker hurt negotiations, hurt us as it related to negotiations under way by tweeting things out. he's going to -- corker is going to be pivotal for a vote the
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president will want on tax reform, he is pivotal chairing the senate foreign relations committee on all things iran which the president has indicated he will kick that back to congress. why does this fight matter to the american people in terms of policy. >> it matters from the point of view of policy because you have -- in addition to the things you just listed, approval of future ambassadors, the over all conduct of american foreign policy, treaties, trade deals, all of that will land on the chairman's desk. so as chair of the foreign relatio relations committee he will have a lot to say. and we care about that and then the basic fitness. when he said adult day care or world war iii. they -- we would be well advised to take this seriously but sayi saying it is a chaotic white house and this could have an
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effect on foreign policy and the'll rigsship -- the relationship with our allies and this is incredibly serious. >> it makes you wonder what was in the president's mind fighting with him. why spark it. and corker -- >> and corker said some things to set the president off, matt lewis. >> and bob corker talking about secretary of state rex tillerson said we need tillerson in there because -- along with kelly and mattis, they are preventing the chaos. in other words, donald trump is a child -- >> totally. >> and not running things. i think trump -- >> it didn't come out of the blue. >> that he counter punches always. >> it didn't come out of the blue. eugene, let's get you in here on daca. so these were -- i think a month ago when the president and nancy pelosi and chuck schumer left the room they felt good about getting a deal done on daca and now they feel the opposite. they look at the list of pry oorts from the white house and it said funding for a border wall, stopping the catch and release program and cracking
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down on sanctuary cities, all things the democrats aren't going to agree to. so where does this leave -- what seems like a stalemate at this point for d.r.e.a.m.ers. >> when they left that room, they felt good. but many people in trump's base felt pretty badly. they were fearful that trump was going to put forward a deal, a plan with the democrats that did not reflect what they said they wanted during the campaign trail and that they felt like the president promised them. i think what we saw with -- with what the president put forward last night is his doubling down and reminding supporters is that he is with them and heard them and put forward a plan in their best interest but the reality is the democrats won't budge on issues with the border wall and this won't go in the way that pelosi and schumer hopes it could go and i don't know where we are. >> and we'll have alex bearwell on later and talk to him. what will the democrats give on this to try to get a deal for
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d.r.e.a.m.ers. and let's move on here. if you are a republican and you are running for congress, or you are running for re-election, i should just say, beware of a fellow republican and that is steve bannon. fascinating reporting from cnn, going even further from breitbart that every single republican senator up for re-election in the mid terms in 2018 is at risk except for ted cruz. that's the reporting according to breitbart. cnn reporting is a source familiar with steve bannon said nobody is safe. wow! >> yes, it is interesting, there was one scenario that people were expecting is that hillary clinton would win the election and then a republican blood bath. well hillary clinton didn't win. but the civil war does continue. there are some real serious fault lines and in his 60 minutes interview steve bannon made no secret of those things. >> yeah. >> there are people like him, there is a faction of the republican party who doesn't think that they've been sort of
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conservative enough. that they haven't been as much of a -- there hasn't been enough of a culture war and there needs to be more. that they are just getting started and that trump is a vehicle for that. but he's not the whole movement. so here we are. >> and you know what is really interesting, matt lewis. >> -- if you saw the post on the weekend. because of in large part president trump's leadership of the party and i'm not talking about mitch mcconnell or paul ryan in terms of leadership, i'm talking about from the white house, small dollar donations to the rnc have exploded. looking at the numbers, the rnc has pulled in twice as much as the dnc this year so far. and 40 million of the 68 million has come from donations of $200 or less. that speaks to exactly what steve bannon is pushing here. >> it was the best of times, it was the worst of times. if you are a republican, it is bizarre. steve bannon, he is basically atexting to take over -- attempting to take over the responsibilities and a role that
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the republican party would do. it used to be that you have the nrcc, campaign committee, the nrsc and the senate committee and if you were running for office, you had to really kowtow to those people because they had the money and the means of production and you couldn't win unless the establishment liked you and what steve bannon is doing is flipping the script on that but the difference is the establishment has to win everywhere. they feel like right now there is only -- the very closely divided senate, they have to preserve the incumbents and keep the mitch mcconnell establishment senators in place. if bannon goes out after all of these -- or challenger seats if he only flips two or three, he wins. and the message is going to be said, you better get in line with my agenda, the breitbart agenda, unless you want us coming for you next. >> in the words of rush limbaugh
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last week, bannon is, quote, taking over the role of the republican party. you guys will weigh in on that next and a lot ahead, including what we saw from the vice president over the weekend. so stay with us. still to come, political football and nfl players take a knee and the vice president takes a stand and walks out. why travel thousands of miles just to leave, was any of that set up? we'll talk about that. also an exclusive new details about the las vegas shooter in his own words, he calls himself the biggest video poker player in the world. bragging about gambling millions. more on his habits and his mental health ahead. and harvey weinstein is out. the hollywood mogul fired from the company he cofounded following reports of decades of sexual harassm and pay outs. and now meryl streep weighs in.
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unsuccessfully dealing with north korea, he writes, for 25 years, giving billions of dollars and getting nothing. policy didn't work. this one day after republican senator bob corker told "the new york times" he feels the president has, quote, hurt the united states, quote, as it relates to negotiations that were underway by tweeting things out. my panel is back with me now. eugene, let me begin with you. look, this is nothing new from the president to attack north korea and frankly his own team aiming towards diplomacy with north korea on twitter. but at the same time, this comes as bob corker says, when he tweets things out, one could assume like this, it hurts our ability to negotiate. what do you see here. >> aibsolutely, and if you read the interview, he is concerned about this there being a world war iii because of how unintentional the president is how he talks about this issue on social media. this is not the first person to
6:20 am
push back on the approach to north korea and so it doesn't seem like it is something that is coming from a petty disagreement, it had some weight to it. especially considering this is coming from someone who chairs the foreign affairs committee and who actually joined the trump campaign to be an adviser in this area. it seems like trump isn't listening the way he thinks he should. >> so matt lewis, if this an is an attempt to get chooina and a attempt to get kim jong-un to the table in some respect, richard haas, the president of the foreign relations committee, said it will have the opposite effect of that and when asked why he went on to explain, well, look, this is going to make north korea feel like it is more at threat of an attack or at least regime change, and they see what happened in libya with gadhafi and in iraq and in ukraine if you don't have nuclear to protect yourself. is this is this a strategy.
6:21 am
>> he has a point. we've been trying diplomatically to deal with north korea and it didn't work so he did inherit this difficult situation. having said that, i don't -- the strategy of negotiating sort of playing good cop and bad cop as bob corker called it, he's like trying to bet mel gibson in lethal weapon. he is unhinged. i don't think that is a smart strategy. maybe you could argue, look, we may have to eventually have a military option here on the plate. that may be. but i -- but that should be for talking to general mattis, right. and why not let diplomacy try to work. if rex tillerson is negotiating, why would you cut his legs out from under him and if it doesn't work then you do what you have to do. that is understood. >> errol to you, switching
6:22 am
topics, the vice president goes to the colts-49ers games and leaves right after the anthem because some of the 49ers players took a knee. the president applauded him for doing that twice on twitter. you know what else happened this weekend, there were more white supremacist rallys and horrific seens in charlottesvilles and there is just to be a statement from the white house or a tweet from the president on those. what do you think? >> well that very fact kind of makes the very point behind some of the concern that led the players to kneel in the first place. it seems pretty clear from all of the reporting that we have seen in statements from the white house and telling the pool reporter, don't bother coming into the stadium, the vice president won't stay very long. that this was a prearranged stunt and they knew they would kneel and the vice president -- and he went out of his way to be there so he could walk out. there is some indication that the white house thought or hoped perhaps that a lot of other people in the stadium would walk
6:23 am
out with him. that of course didn't happen. so what we've got here, it is extraordinary to me that the white house is deliberately forming division. they have never addressed any of the underlying issues that led to this wave of protest. it is not about the flag, it is not about the anthem or respect for the game. it is a sign of concern about some very important issues that are not being addressed by this white house at all and so what we've got is a white house trying to divide the country into thinking some people don't like the anthem and some people don't like the military as opposed to the underlying issue that this white house is either afraid to address or simply has decided they want to sort of turn into political talking points. >> eugene, what do you think? to his opinion, this fermented division. >> and absolutely. and it is a continuation of what we saw on the campaign trail. the reality is this white house appealed to the cultural anxiety of the base when others are not going well. we had the drama with corker and
6:24 am
health care and puerto rico last week and we saw people looking like they were jumping off the trump train and how do you keep people on the trump train, the same way you talked about in the first place, traditionalism and americanism and make the enemies activists and people who criticize the ideas that you think what brings america together. this is a distraction. >> but when you look at the latest cnn polling about a week ago, it does show that the country is really divided, that about -- i think it was 47% don't agree with the kneeling, and 49% do. i mean, this country is pretty split down the middle on this. >> yeah. i think that is probably true. surprisingly, i thought it would have been more against the kneeling. personally i've quit watching the nfl. it is the happiest i've been. it is sunday. >> you wrote about that even before -- even before this. >>s it it is amazing what you could do when you have sundays
6:25 am
and not watching football. so i'm against white supremacist and kneeling during the national anthem, but i'm also against tearing the country apart. and i do agree. i think that is what this is. it looks like a stunt. i'm on mike pence's side substantively but this looks like a stunt. and i think trump -- clearly he likes drama. right. i mean, i just think there is a toll being taken on this country when you have someone would is actually stoking drama and controversy, there is enough controversy and problems without us manufacturing them. and that seems like that is what this was. >> especially if it is going to cost hundreds of thousand of taxpayer money and that is what this stunt did. >> you could go to or read more that about. our estimate $240,000 for the flights between indiana and l.a. and back and they say he would have flown to d.c. further than indiana to spend a night and head back to l.a. the next morning.
6:26 am
you decide for yourself. thank you, gentlemen. nice to have you. ahead for us, we take you back to las vegas one week after the horrific massacre. new details about the las vegas killer and his own words that could provide leads for investigators. that goes beyond assuming ingredients are safe... to knowing they are. going beyond expectations... because our pets deserve it. beyond. natural pet food.
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no one else lets you do that. see how much you can save. choose by the gig or unlimited. xfinity mobile. a new kind of network designed to save you money. call, visit or go to inside the mind of a killer. cnn has the only look at a deposition from a 2013 lawsuit filed by the las vegas shooter in it the shooter refers to himself as the biggest video poker player in the world. this as the fbi conducts a search of his mesquite, nevada home for a second time and along the las vegas strip the trademark bright lights dimmed for exactly 11 minutes, the length of time the shots rang out to honor the victims and the survivors. we are live in las vegas with more on what we are learning. what could you tell us at this point?
6:31 am
>> reporter: well, poppy, we are learning new this morning that the las vegas review journal, the local paper here, is reporting that the gunman's brother is now in the city of las vegas. he is here hoping to help investigators. the fbi step into the mindset of his brother, he wants to set them on the correct path. he told the newspaper. this is happening as two sources tell us that the fbi has obtained this deposition. it is a deposition that cnn has already exclusively obtained. one of the only known records where the gunman is questioned over a period of time. before stephen paddock unleashed his assault on an innocent concert crowd, he called himself the biggest video poker player in the world. gambling up to a million dollars on a single night. overnight, sleeping dur the day. prescribed valium for anxiousness. these are his own words as he
6:32 am
testified in 2013 in his lawsuit against the hotel in las vegas. the suit stems from this moment. security cameras catching him slipping and falling in a casino walkway. and in the 97-page deposition abstained by cnn. he testified about that fall and gives us fresh insight into his mind four years before the shooting. paddock moves from casino to casino, at one point staying upwards of three weeks out of a month. a high roller, his hotel stays were comped 95% of the time. that is ranged from 100 to 10350 each time i push the boughton. speaking the attorney asks, how many dollars are we talking. i average 14 hours a day, 365 days a year, over 200 million coin through. when paddock said on a given night he will bet a million dollars, an attorney replies, that is a lot of money. no, it's not.
6:33 am
paddock called video poker a game of discipline. and at times appearing condescending and sarcastic as he explains to his attorney why he stays sober while gambling. at the stakes i play, you want to have all your witnesss about. his home in nevada suggests an upper middle class retired life. for easy access to a doctor he testified he paid a retainer feed to dr. steven winkler. paddock said he prescribed his valium. why? it is for anxiousness. rage, aggressiveness and irritability are among the possible side effects of taking valium. according to the manufacturer of the drug. the las vegas review journal reported that dr. winkler prescribed him valium in june of this year. cnn could not confirm that information. paddock testified on the day he fell in the cosmopolitan, i
6:34 am
always wear black nike sweatpants and on his feet black flip-flops that he wore 98% of the time. life was better before the economic meltdown, he testified. saying vegas casinos comped less and less, meaning he visited sin city less. what happened to the economy in 2007, he said, it tanked. las vegas went into the gutter with a lot of other things. they quit giving away freebies, it just wasn't worth coming out here as often. and arbitrator ultimately found in the hoettel favor. we did try to reach dr. winkler, the man named in this deposition as paddock's doctor and he did not respond to our mails or our calls or visits to his home. and poppy,y, there is one other thing, we noticed a handful of times he was asked did he have a history of mental illness or did it run in his family, any addictive issues and he always
6:35 am
said no. poppy. >> new insight. thank you very much for the reporting from las vegas for us this morning. joining me to talk through all of this is former nypd officer joseph leon. and thank you for being --. let's talk about the valium prescription. one interesting thing that she said that i debit knidn't know is one of the potential side effects is rage and aggressiveness. what questions would you ask now that you know that he was prescribed this. >> well, one of the interesting things of this is going to be when we get the toxicology reports back from the medical examiner. to determine if there was drugs or alcohol in his system. and if there is something that can go back to this valium. because this could provide a clue into what his mindset was the night that he did this. this is very difficult right now to go out and see exactly what -- or make any type of guess about what was going on in
6:36 am
his mind. but this could be at least a road that they could go down. >> now last week, the end of the last week, we learned he had this note in his hotel room that had a bunch of numbers on it. now cnn reporting is that we've learned from our sources the numbers represent what investigators think are essentially calculations. the distance, the trajectory from the bullets down to where the concert is and then weighing in on that, one of the first responders to this massacre on 60 minutes last night, listen to what he said. >> he must have done the calculations oreg calculations or gone online to figure out how high he would be and how far out the crowd would be at that distance what the drop of his bullet would be. he hadn't written out the calculations, all he had was written out the final numbers. >> the planning that this shows,
6:37 am
having a suite with to target points, now the distance the beltways could travel, what does it tell you. >> it tells us this there are some records that we don't know about yet. there those be searched on the internet to calculate and we know he's an accountant and a smart guy and very good at playing pokers and other numbers games so this is not out of the ordinary, but to factor in all of the different aspects, including the wind and everything else, there has to be some sort of record of his searching on the internet to try to even down to the weather. to figure out what was going on there. >> second search of his home in mesquite, we know the first time they took computers and they would have taken whatever would have been a clue. why go back a second time? typical? >> well, you like to do -- when you do a search warrant, you like to get everything the first time around because when you go
6:38 am
back the second time, you tend to need another search warrant. and it also could be -- play into there was an -- exactly what they wanted or maybe they said, maybe we should have taken that and we didn't. so it kind of leaves a little bit of mistake here. we won't say sloppiness, but you never want to go back to a search warrant because it just -- it looks bad. especially if there is a prosecution down the road. >> joseph jeff, thank you for your expertise. we appreciate it. disturbing new details to say the least. ahead, academy award winner meryl streep speaking this morning on harvey weinstein and the reports of his decades of sexual harassment and payouts calling the allegations disgraceful. much more on that ahead. poor mouth breather.
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new this morning, meryl streep calls the sexual harassment and misconduct by harvey weinstein disgraceful. in a statement to the huffington post she said in part, she's appalled. those of us who worked -- work he championed like hers and those good and worthy cause he supported and the intrepid women who exposed this abuse are our heros. amen to that. and it follows the news he had been fired from the company he cofounded and his brother who sits on the board joining us now. brian setter, host of reliable sources, brithank you for being here. i think we both reacted to it in your news letter overnight, our colleague jake tap who are tweeted this. they had no idea this had been going on for decades and he paid the sems of his own personal money it begs an important
6:44 am
question. are they outraged and fired him because they just found out or because we just found out. >> because we just found out. this is what this is about, poppy. who knew what and when. in the wake of the roger ailes out from fox news, a little more than a year ago. other executives followed him out. it was found that others executives of fox knew about the behavior. the question now in hollywood is similar. who else knew or looked the other way. what agent orz executives looked the other way. a tweet from jessica chastain the actress weighing in saying i'm sick of the media demanding only women speak up about harassing behavior. what about the men. perhaps many are afraid to look at their own behavior. and that's the other direction this is heading. are there other men, perhaps men of his age, so the called dinosaurs of hollywood acting in these disgusting ways and are those going to come out. i would be surprised if harvey
6:45 am
weinstein was only person in hollywood treating actresses and model this is way. >> and margaret hoover is on the show often tweeted if this weren't for gretchen carlson and her bravery when it came to roger ailes we might have this conversation and opening the doors and encouraging other pim. >> that was only 15 months ago that she sued roger ailes. you could feel the world changing right now. >> but -- but you know, we have this reporting on friday, the times one of the headlines yesterday, sort of the -- it whispers in hollywood. you are not hearing the mega, megaa-list big stars coming out and extreme being this on twitter. >> that is absolutely right. >> and jessica is good for her, meryl streep is good for her, but where is everybody else. >> i've heard from judd apatow and seth rogan and there are many that are reluctant to talk about the scandal. >> why. >> let's see the changes in the coming day.
6:46 am
they may feel there is no upside for him and he still does have power in hollywood but these are cynical answers or not satisfied answers. >> there is something that is beyond upside for you. i mean, there is just right and wrong. and there is what is moral and what is immoral and the power of your voice when you have that platform. >> i completely agree with you. and that is why we're going to be asking and other reporters to speak out and even if they were as shocked as everybody else, this is a moment for leadership from hollywood, entertainment industry that views itself as a cultural leader. let's see what they say in the coming days. not just the women but the men. >> we have to go but quickly do we know if he will release the women -- the eight women from their nondisclose agreements like the times suggested he should. >> unclear and so far he is kun characteristically silent and had nothing so say. >> thank you for the reporting. we appreciate it. ahead fof us, a hospital just one of many places being
6:47 am
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6:52 am
sheriff says residents are being taken on busses to nearby shelters, shelters they note are filling up quickly, happening as two wildfires are burning also in napa county. evacuations also under way nearby there. we'll keep a close eye on that for you. president trump meantime taking credit for the progress in puerto rico's hurricane recovery. he wrote, quote, nobody could have done what i've done for puerto rico with so little appreciation. so much work. now despite the president's remarks the governor of puerto rico this morning is saying they need a big chunk of money fast and a lot of work still needs to be done. he has gone to congress, asking for $4 billion additional dollars in aid as he tries to get most of that aid to the hardest hit areas. listen. >> if there is a place, a locality, that is not delivering food to the people of puerto rico that need it there will be hell to pay. if food is being delivered, we've been tracking and sending
6:53 am
it it gets to the hands of the people of puerto rico. >> all right. the department of defense now has more than 6400 personnel on the ground helping with the relief efforts. 14,000 fema officials as well. millions set to be soaked by the remnants of nate as it treks norths this morning. but parts of the southeast are a dark, soggy mess after the storm hit land as a hurricane on sunday. thousands of people left without power still across the gulf. mississippi, alabama, florida, all taking the brunt of nate. what a big difference, though, a little bit of time makes. we're looking at two different images on your screen. on the left what mobile looked like 24 hours ago, on the right what the area looked like a little bit later. ryan young live near the coast in alabama with more. so, you got thousands of people left without power. what are they saying this morning? >> well you know about 10,000 people are still without power but they dodged a hit on this one. we talk about the storm surge that came through here. this is the area that we were standing near the other day and
6:54 am
we saw the water come up ourselves. see some of the debris that's left around here. keen cleanup crews leaving as they went to get another dump truck. water street is down the way and that's where we were standing in two to three feet of water. we saw a shrimp, we saw fish, we even saw a jellyfish the size of a watermelon go by us in the water while we were standing there. all the water has receded but the major thing, there are no major injuries or structural damage. we did have to do rescues about 10 people who were trapped either in their cars or homes, but when you think about it, this is one of those ways where they say, we donald a big one in terms of just the storm damage that could have been left behind here. because they were worried about that storm surge. one thing i want to mention this is the port area here. we've seen a couple boat goss through but all this debris. we know the coast guard will have to make sure this channel can be reopened because there are cruise ships waiting to come back in port, people stuck on those cruise ships and
6:55 am
vacationers in the city who can't wait to go on vacation to escape all this rain. but in the end, it seems like everyone dodged a bullet on this one. >> thank you for the reporting. we appreciate it. ahead for us, a bitter battle within a single party. republican senator bob corker says the president's recklessness threatens world war iii. what the president is saying back ahead. let's take a look at some numbers: 4 out of 5 people who have a stroke, their first symptom... is a stroke. 80 percent of all strokes and heart disease? preventable. and 149 dollars is all it takes to get screened and help take control of your health. we're life line screening... and if you're over 50... call this number, to schedule an appointment...
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good morning, everyone. top of the hour. i'm poppy harlow in new york. glad you're with us. john berman has the day off. this morning the gloves are off between president trump and his fellow republican senator bob corker. corker tells "the new york times" that the president is treating his office like a, quote, reality show and that president's threat against other countries could put the u.s. in corker's words on the path to
7:00 am
world war iii. the latest feud all started over the weekend on twitter where the president wrote that corker only decided not to seek re-election after the president refused to endorse him. corker responded calling the white house an adult day care center. we should note corker's spokesman tells us the president's claims are not true and the president called corker to urge him to run again and offered his endorsement. believe who you will, but the administration has also just released its list of immigration priorities, late last night. these are its priorities in order to strike a deal with democrats on so-called dreamers and daca legislation. topping the list, funding for a border wall on the southern border and crackdown on sanctuary cities. more in just a moment. first to the white house, joe johns is there with more this morning. so, it's just sort of unbelievable to see this all playing out in public. >> in public is the word. it's very extraordinary,


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